Monday, May 18, 2009

P4WSAD hang up (freezes) in Eclipse

While developing in Windows, I've found that simple operations like checkout (Open for Edit) would hang up if the p4 client spec is too general (for example //depot/... which basically covering all the depot).

I believe it has to do with p4 inner working that tries to do something weird besides checking out the source I want. So the solution was to limit the client spec to only the part of the depot I need, for example:

//depot/project_a/module_a/... //perforce-clients/project_a/module_a/...
//depot/project_a/module_b/... //perforce-clients/project_a/module_b/...

After this has been done. I've been able to checkout a file without any problems.

Note: the same behavior has been observed in P4Win, so it must have to do with p4 command line client, not the eclipse plugin.